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Moving to Barcelona

Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain, the sixth most populous city in the Europe as well as the largest city on the Mediterranean. Home of one of the well-known and beloved football teams, Barcelona fascinates those who move to the capital of Catalonia.

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Moving to Barcelona

Not only the amazing mix of Gothic and Catalan Modernist architecture and the sunny picturesque beaches attract expats to Barcelona. The city is full of endless entertainment opportunities and great nightlife. But Barcelona is not only renowned for its nightlife and success in sports, according to a survey Barcelona is the fourth most comfortable city for business conferences and meetings in Europe. With a strong and diverse economy in manufacturing industry, the Catalan region is among the European regions with  the highest GDP.

The official languages in Barcelona are Spanish and Catalan. Catalans are the ones who enrich Barcelona with their loyalty to their traditions. Since Catalans were not allowed to publicly celebrate their events under Spain dictatorship, they managed to keep their culture and language alive and now they do not miss any opportunity to create huge noisy crowds on the streets of Barcelona, while celebrating their heritage. Colourful parades with thousands of people on the streets celebrating is really fun, and if you move to Barcelona you should certainly participate actively in some of the celebrations. The positive emotions with  a lot of unforgettable moments you can tell your friends and family back home.

On April 23, Catalans celebrate an alternative of Valentine’s Day called Diada de Sant Jordi (Saint George’s Day). On this day men give their loved ones flowers and in exchange women give them books. This practice dates back to medieval times and it is arguable the best way to celebrate Valentine’s day. April 23 is also known as the day for celebration of love and literacy, later celebrated as the World Book Day.

Along with endless celebration possibilities, expats move to Barcelona also because of the incomparably nice Mediterranean climate  that is hard to be found in most of the countries. Winters in Barcelona are usually short and mild, summers are hot but easy to bear with. The parks spread all over the city with remarkable constructions make up 10% of the city’s surface. Park Güell being one of the most famous ones usually attracting tens of thousands tourists every year.

Accommodation in Barcelona

Many of the expats relocating to Barcelona may be familiar with the tourist areas but when it comes to a long- term stay, you would probably need to conduct a research on the most suitable areas depending on your needs. If you do not have time or patience to do so, the best option for you might be to contact a real estate agent to help you with your house hunting. Do keep mind that agents usually charge a fee equal to one month’s rent of your new property or 10% of your annual rental cost. On top of that be prepared to pay 21% VAT. Moreover, Spanish landlord usually require 2 month’s rent as deposit and one month’s rent to be paid in advance.

If you are not sure about the period you will stay in Barcelona after your relocation, you might want to know that standard lease agreements are signed for a period of three years. The good news is that even if you signed a contract for three years,  and you want to move out, you can do so if you lived there for at least six months. However, the possibility to fulfil at least one year is not excluded, it is even commonplace for landlords. You can always discuss special requirements and preferences you have with the landlord.

To ensure a trouble free relocation to this beautiful, sunny Mediterranean city especially if you wish to ship your personal belongings and furniture from your home country, you will probably need to use the services of professional international moving companies. Whether you are moving abroad to a country you have visited many times, or overseas to an unknown place,  shipping your goods is often a stressful process. Your mind will probably be filled with question marks related to what you are allowed to ship, whether you can pack your items yourself or to use the services of international removal companies, what to insure and what not and many more. Expats are usually overwhelmed by the amount of information available on the internet and often get confused on what to believe and what not. To simplify the complex process of moving abroad, you are highly recommended to contact multiple international removal companies, that can provide you with the information you need, as well as with quotes regarding your move. You can then compare the quotes and the international moving companies you got in touch with and choose the most suitable one.

It is absolutely crucial to work only with certified and professional international removal companies which have a broad network of partners in the country you ship your goods to. It will certainly be advantageous in ensuring a safe arrival of your belongings.

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