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Canada is the second largest country in the world, after Russia. It consists of ten provinces which offer expats moving to either of them many a high quality lifestyle , world- class education possibilities, as well as many entertainment alternatives. Canada was initially built by foreigners and it still remains one of the top destinations for expats all over the world.

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Moving to Canada

As one of the world´s wealthiest and most developed countries, Canada welcomes approximately 500.000 expats every year. Usually they are moving for work or education purposes. Six out of 35 million people living in Canada are immigrants. Most of them are moving from the Philippines, China and India.  Canadian education system ranks among the ones with the highest quality. It is not surprising that half of the population of Canada have college degrees. This makes it the most educated country in the world. If you undertake an international removal to Canada, you will be amazed  to learn new facts about the country every day. Approximately 20% of the world´s freshwater is to be found in Canada and it should not be surprising given the fact that there are more lakes in Canada than in all other countries altogether. The climate can differ from province to province because of the huge scope of the country, so does the landscape.

It is important to keep in mind that the area you are removing to, will have a significant effect on the preparation process. If you are moving to coastal regions such as British Columbia or Ontario you should not worry much about the temperatures in winter. Those planning a relocation to Edmonton or Calgary, however, might need to prepare well for the Canadian winter that can be very harsh.

Before instinctively starting boxing your winter cloths and other belongings up, expats need to plan well their international removal to Canada. After the visa application process results with success, you need to decide on what goods you wish to ship overseas and start looking for international movers. Usually when it comes to international removals, expats need a container for shipping their goods. The type of which is based on the volume of your belongings, often 20´or 40´. International moving companies are able to calculate the volume of goods and provide you with multiple options for your removal. Shipping furniture overseas could be a complex process that needs a proper planning and sufficient information. It is possible to pack your stuff beforehand and request moving quotes from international removal companies, but be advised that often it has also drawbacks as not being eligible for insurance. Many international moving companies could offer services such as packing and can help preparing the documentation needed for the shipment. Usually the offer they make includes multiple services and a price that covers everything. Different international removal companies charge differently, usually dependending on the volume and destination.  It is wise to contact a few of them to keep overall costs down and to ensure a secure shipment.

Accommodation in Canada

Moving to Canada offers many wealth opportunities and a structured lifestyle. The cities are clean and modern inspired by French and British architecture. Both locals and foreigners enjoy  high standards of living and education and excellent healthcare in Canada. People are generally very tolerant and belong to different religious groups. Despite the tightened immigration policies, many skilled foreign workers are able to find satisfying jobs.

Those who are in possession of permanent residency permits are able to apply for citizenship after three years spent in Canada. If you successfully obtain the right to be a Canadian citizen, then you can enjoy a Canadian pension plan, access to student loans and publicly funded healthcare.

Securing a suitable and affordable accommodation could be quite lengthy and expensive for those moving to Canada. Due to accommodation shortage in the country, foreigners are advised to start looking for properties quite some time before arrival. Failing to secure accommodation would mean that you have to stay in hotels. Staying in hotels can be a very expensive practice and unless it is an emergency it is not recommended. Those who are not knowledgeable about the Canadian property market, would need to obtain the services of real estate agents located in the area where accommodation is pursued. Agents usually charge a fee between 10% of the monthly rent to a whole month´s rent.

Real estate websites and online rental classifieds could help a big deal in receiving extended  information on prices and types of accommodation available on the market. Most common type of property in Canada are standalone and detached houses. Around one-third of Canadia properties are apartments. Property prices and competition in Canada is generally very high. It is important to make a good first impression when viewing a property. Being on time and dressing well are, therefore, very important in determining the success of lease applications.

Internationals moving to Canada need to keep in mind that lease agreements in Canada are extremely binding. Reading the clauses carefully and making sure you understand each of them, is absolutely crucial. Usually the agreements consists of information on duration of the contract, financial responsibilities of the tenant such as paying for gas and electricity (water is included in the monthly rent) as well as a deposit (usually two month´s rent).  Any breach of the contract could possibly result in losing your accommodation.

Shipping container to Canada might often prove to be a time- consuming and complex process. Procedures and requirements could vary depending on the country shipment is made to. Along with conducting a research concering your situation, it is important to discuss your international removal with international moving companies with good reviews and experience. The options one have when it comes to international moving companies depends on making a good selection using online platforms. They can prepare everything needed for the shipment and also help to simplify the process.

Canada is a clean, safe and modern country with stable economy and high standards of living. Those moving to Canada would enjoy a well- structured environment with diverse landscapes and climate in each province. After obtaining your visa, a proper planning about your international removal to Canada is required. Thereafter a hassle- free life with many entertainment opportunities will be awaiting for you.


Save up to 40% on your moving costs
100% free service and no obligations
Save time, it only takes 1 minute
Only qualified and professional movers