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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the richest countries in the world thanks to the rapid economic development of its popular cosmopolitan cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The cities provide expats moving to United Arab Emirates endless options to enjoy a life only wealthy people could enjoy in their home countries.

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Moving to the United Arab Emirates

Seven Emirates are part of the UAE and Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are the most popular ones among expats. While the latter is preferred from expats who are aiming to cut costs, since the accommodation prices are relatively more reasonable than in the first two cities. Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most Westernized cities in the Middle East, however, expats must not forget that the UAE is a country that revolves on Islamic traditions and laws. Although Emiratis (residents of the UAE)  are friendly and tolerant in general, not respecting their culture and values could result in unexpected and certainly not pleasant experiences. Expats are, therefore, recommended to always comply with the laws and regulations in the country, if they are not willing to experience what the situation in Arabic jails is like.

In the recent years, the UAE has been transformed into a modern country with its leading cosmopolitan cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The modern society of the country consists of people from over 150 nationalities and meeting people with different values, cultures and languages is not uncommon.

Although, Arabic is the official language in the country,  a certain level of English is spoken from almost everyone in the big emirates such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. People are usually open-minded and friendly towards expats, and crime rates are close to 0% due to the very strict laws implemented. As already mentioned, improper behaviour could easily lead to fines, imprisonment or even deportation. Foreigners should also bear in mind that alcohol consumption is only allowed in licensed restaurants or at home (if you have an alcohol licence). In some emirates such as Sharjah the sale, possession and consumption of alcohol is strongly prohibited by law.

In regard to Emiratis religious belief, Islam, there are quite some important aspects of life every newcomer should be aware of. Any physical contact between women and man even when greeting is not allowed. Showing any signs of intimacy in public even between married couples is regarded as inappropriate therefore expats might want to pay special attention to their behaviour in public. Before moving to the UAE, expats might need to check the rules and regulations in the country and strictly comply with them. Fines for breaking any rules are generally extremely high.

Expatriates moving to UAE, usually do not have difficulties adjusting to the new environment  and enjoy their stay in the country. Foreigners who have plans either for long or short-term stay are highly recommended to make the necessary preparations before moving to the country to ensure being well-informed and to avoid getting into trouble.

That said, healthcare and education in the UAE are of excellent quality. Medical facilities are equipped with the latest, extremely modern medical equipment. Moreover, expats are given an easy access as well as the right to be treated in the hospitals, if they have comprehensive medical insurance.

In contrast, one of the biggest concerns expats with children have is the education system. According to the UAE laws foreigners’ children do not have access neither to government- sponsored nor to free schools. The good news is that there are plenty of international schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where expats could enrol their children.  That said, it is wise to mention that the fee for these international schools is extraordinarily high on the one hand, and on the other hand the spaces is limited. Expats moving to the UAE are advised to start with the enrolment process as early as possible minimum 3 months before arrival. Due to the high tuition fees, a popular practice among  many expats is home-teaching.

Luxurious lifestyle, many employment opportunities, amazing adventure possibilities  and well- organised and developed country, these are only trite words when compared to what the United Arab Emirates and its most popular cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi have to offer expats moving to the country. The UAE is a dream come true for many expats around the globe and if you are one of them you certainly have to feel lucky and enjoy your time in the country.

Shipping Furniture to the United Arab Emirates

Every year thousands of expats are moving to the UAE. Most of the time it is as part of employment package. Sometimes employers could provide those who move with information about reliable international removal companies. Depending on the situation they can also cover the moving costs of the employees although it is not a common practice. Many removal companies could provide assistance with every aspect of the move, from packing the items, to placing them in the container, transportation on door-to-door basis, and in some cases they can even help you with school enrolment.

When moving to the United Arab Emirates it is wise to keep in mind that shipments to and from the Emirate are strongly controlled. Alcohol, weapons, medicines and drugs are only some of the restricted items. Along with that CDs, DVDs and books will be closely inspected at customs and if necessary confiscated. Make sure you discuss your removal to the UAE with the international removal companies you select based on qualifications and experience in shipments. They will usually provide you with all details needed for your move. Before hiring an international removal company for shipping your furniture, it is crucial to get in touch with multiple movers and look up the reviews on internet. It can help a great deal in ensuring a smooth and hassle free removal. Moreover, it is advisable to opt for a door-to- door shipment otherwise your goods will be off-loaded on the ports and you would be expected to find new movers to transport the goods to your home. This will obviously increase the costs as well as the condition of your goods due to loading and unloading for a second time.

Those willing to take their pets to the UAE are recommended to require a detailed information from the international removal companies since there are special requirements and restrictions in this regard. Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers among others are breads that cannot be taken to the United Arab Emirates.

Other than that, shipping furniture to the UAE using reliable international removal companies could be a smoother process than expected. Depending on the volume of your household items you might need a full container or less than a container load. Using the latter would mean that you need to share a container. Usually it requires longer time until you  receive your furniture . Arrival time, prices as well as insurance policies are better to be discussed with the international mover of your choice.

Save up to 40% on your moving costs
100% free service and no obligations
Save time, it only takes 1 minute
Only qualified and professional movers