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Part of the United Kingdom, Scotland’s nature is hardly comparable to any other in the world. By moving to Scotland one might see so many different and beautiful landscapes that it could make you fall in love with the country. With many mountains, each with different sizes and forms Scotland will astonish even those who have seen plenty of picture-perfect places.

Is anyone who would mind waking up to fascinating mountains looming over crystal clear ocean and blue sky create an incredible picture? If you want to see and enjoy this and many other majestic views that the Scottish nature creates, then you might consider international removal to Scotland.

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Moving to Scotland

Scotland covers 1/3 of the north part of Great Britain and shares a border with England to the south. Despite the relatively large landmass, it is not very populous (approximately 5 million inhabitants) and it accounts only for 10% of the UK’s population. Furthermore, there are more than 800 islands part of Scotland, 130 of which are inhabited and Scotland is the biggest one. There is no surprise that the Scottish scenery with its mountain peaks, majestic lochs and beautiful islands are attracting more and more expats to move to the country.

Along with the beauty of the Scottish nature, foreigners moving to Scotland will be astonished by the old castles and historic buildings all worth seeing and all with their own unique story. Oh, and not to forget the pubs that offer more than 150 types of Scottish whisky. Here we should also mention that in Scotland you will be allowed to come at work with hangover at least ones a week. Isn’t this just incredible?!

The capital and one of the six officially recognized cities in Scotland, Edinburgh is Europe’s fifth largest economy. Many people might not know that Europe’s largest oil reserves are to be found on Scottish waters and petroleum industry is said to create circa half a million job opportunities to both Scotts and many foreigners. Those moving to Scotland who have the skills needed might want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Scotland has an amazing public transportation with buses and trains that connect almost every village to the cities and vice versa. Therefore, if you do not live in one of the cities, you should not worry about getting to your workplace or school. There are so many green areas in Scotland that it could be surprising for expats relocating from places with little or no rain. Speaking of weather, it might be quite challenging for newcomers to get used to, especially if they are not used to rain and fog. It is good to keep in mind that in Scotland you can hardly see the sun. Although it is light till 11.30pm during the summer, the sun is not always easy to see.

It is wise to research beforehand what is important to you and to prepare yourself good for your international removal to Scotland. Once moved to Scotland, you may find yourself surrounded by beautiful nature and warm-hearted people. This could also help you easily forget about the weather and enjoy your stay.

Accommodation in Scotland

Finding accommodation is the foremost priority for expats moving to a new country. The good part of an international removal to Scotland is that there are plenty of housing options available for newly arrived foreigners. Whether you want to rent Victorian castles and villas, modern houses or farm houses, you will undoubtedly find the type of property you are looking for. The same options are valid if you want to buy property as well. As for the prices, buying property is proved to be very expensive. Property prices are the highest in Edinburgh’s New Town and some areas of Aberdeen.

Before renting property in Scotland, expats might want to decide whether they would prefer to live in a modern flat in the city in a close proximity to work and school or the relaxed atmosphere of an old villa in the suburbs. If you choose to rent a house in the older areas of the city, then it is wise to keep in mind that those traditional, old properties might have furnishing techniques that would surprise you. Moreover, the living sizes of those properties also tend to be smaller as space than the newer buildings. If you opt for sharing you furniture to Scotland, it will be wise to use the services of international removal companies.

If you are not sure whether you want to rent accommodation in the city or in the suburbs, you might want to use a letting agent to find a suitable “holiday let” for you where you can move to for a few weeks while looking for accommodation that meets your requirements. This will also enable you to get to know the environment and the neighbourhoods better. Usually, taking advantage of this option tends to be relatively affordable.

Expats moving to Scotland can rent property by either using the services of real estate agents or contacting private landlords directly. Foreigners are advised to contact a few real estate agencies because they all have specific portfolios and show you only the properties from their portfolio. Contacting a few of these agents will provide you with a broader selection of housing options. Alternatively, you can also regularly check websites where rental properties are listed. Depending on the real estate agent you are working with, they may require you to pay a different amount of money as an agency fee. Therefore, you might want to consult the procedure with different real estate agents.

Both furnished and unfurnished accommodation is available for the expats moving to Scotland. But do keep in mind that “furnished” could refer to a house with furniture, white goods and other facilities, as well as for a space with missing even the light fittings. Generally, the property standards in Scotland are relatively high and finding a suitable accommodation is usually not very difficult. Renting an unfurnished house might often be very advantageous for those who plan shipping their furniture using international removal companies. It is a very affordable and efficient way to use the furniture you have an emotional attachment to. Do keep in mind that it is important to compare quotes from multiple international moving companies before choosing one. That way one can increase the chances to work with reliable international removal companies experienced in shipments to and from Scotland.

Lease agreements are generally signed either for six months or on one-year basis. This is a good opportunity for expats since they can always choose the six month option and if satisfied with the property stay for longer. If they are not happy with the accommodation they settled in upon arrival, they can move in to a more suitable one after six months.

Rental rates can vary depending on the size, shape, the level of furnishing as well as the location of the property. Expats could find a 2-bedroom apartment for 800 pounds, as well as for 500 pounds depending on the characteristics mentioned above.

For single expats relocating to Scotland, there is an easy way to cut costs and make new friends- house-sharing. If you arrive to Scotland alone and do not have any acquaintances, house- sharing might be an advantageous way to start writing the new chapter of your life in Scotland. Do keep in mind that it is wise to see the people who will be sharing a house with, before actually renting the property.

Important to mention is that the tax policy in Scotland could be slightly different than in the home countries of newcomers. It is, therefore, crucial to contact the municipality to receive more information regarding these policies. Foreigners are required to pay Council Tax, calculated based on the district you live and covers the costs of trash an water. The amount is determined on a year basis and if you are a student, disabled or a single parent you could be eligible to receive discounts on the tax. Be aware to consult your situation with a lawyer or to visit your  municipality website for details.

Moving to Scotland might prove to be a very pleasant experience for expats, especially for those using the services of international moving companies with good reviews. If you want to live somewhere modern and old architecture is in a close connection and create an amazing mixture of worth-to-see environment, then you might want to add Scotland to your to-visit places.

Save up to 40% on your moving costs
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