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Known for its liberal policies, amazingly well-maintained public transport and infrastructure, the Netherlands is a preferred destination from hundreds of thousand expats who remove to the country annually.  According to a recent United Nations’ World Happiness Report, Dutch people are classified as the world’s fourth happiest nation. This is not surprising at all, given the fact the fascinating architecture and environment  every city has. Although the weather is not always warm and sunny, Dutch  people are often kind, easy-going and tolerant.

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Moving to the Netherlands

When it comes to standards of living, the country consistently ranks on top 5 in the OECD’s Better Life Index. If you plan to move to a country where you want feel safe and provide your children with high standards of living and good education, then the Netherlands could, undoubtedly, be your next destination. All cities in the country are located in a close proximity to each other which means it is extremely easy to visit new places with unique architecture without worrying about long driving hours. Moreover, relocating to the Netherlands (falsely known as Holland which is only a province) offers good transport connections. Over 40% of the Dutch people rent their houses. It offers a flexibility and at the same time it is a good opportunity to get to know different places and then decide on where to buy your house.

If you are planning  to buy a house in the Netherlands you have to bear in mind that it can take several months (minimum three) to secure the agreement and property taxes prove to be quite high. The social housing  is a very popular system in the Netherlands. 75% of the rental homes belong to social housing associations. Those associations are required to let 90% of their vacant social housing to people in a specific income category. If a landlord and a  tenant agree to sign a contract, it is crucial to state whether the tenancy is for fixed or indefinite period of time. Speaking of the latter, it is important to mention that they can usually be terminated within a period of two to three months, a possibility that fixed contracts do not provide you with. An advantage of renting a house is that reparation and renovations are more often than not  the landlord’s responsibility.  Along with that the government offers a housing benefit huurtoeslag  for those renting private properties with low incomes. Most of the social rental properties come unfurnished. Usually, the rent is excluding utilities such as gas, water and electricity. The amount for this expenses are fixed depending on the usage rates of the previous tenants. At the end of the year, tenants could pay or be refunded  depending on their utility payments made during the year.

If you are having troubles finding a house to rent upon your international removal, then you can contact some of the rental agencies that can help you to sort out this problem. It is crucial to be very careful picking those companies since the commissions they charge can sometimes  be relatively expensive, usually equal to one or two months’ rent. Contracts in the Netherlands are very binding, most of the time they have an initial term of 12 months. Generally speaking, getting rid of a tenant or leaving the house without a good reason  is very difficult, same goes for leaving the house before the end of the contract. In this case you have to pay the rent for the remaining months as stated in the agreement. When it comes to the costs of renting a house, the amounts can vary depending on the neighbourhood and the size of the property. Typically, the price range is around EUR 600- 1,200 for  a two-bedroom apartment. If you are moving to a furnished/ semi-furnished house, then you may be  expected to pay for furnishings such as carpets, light fittings, etc.

Thanks to international removal companies available, renting an unfurnished house should not be something you need to worry about. If you pay a special attention when picking the right international moving companies, they can help you to pack, load and ship your household to The Netherlands in an efficient way. Expats are also advised to compare a few experienced international removal companies that will provide them with different quotes. You can then pick the most suitable one for your international removal. Shipping furniture to the Netherlands will certainly be less stressing if you are assisted by the right international moving companies.

Your removal to the Netherlands could be a smooth process if you keep in mind the above mentioned points. Depending on the goods you want to ship abroad or overseas you might need a 20’ or  40’ container. The international removal companies could inform you about the volume as well as the documentation you will need. If your belongings are not enough to fill a whole container it could be wise to opt for container sharing. It enables expats to save money. It is mostly used from people who start planning their removal quite early, since sharing a container requires more time to receive your belongings. Either way, the Netherlands has favorable policies for shipments to and from the country. International moving companies are certainly the best option one can choose. Thet can ensure a secure and trouble free shipment of your personal effects.

Moving to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most fascinating capitals of Europe where most of the expats moving to the Netherlands, relocate. With its unique atmosphere, breath-taking architecture and  beautiful canals, Amsterdam attracts more and more young expats every year. Moving to another country or city may be seen as an overwhelming  experience, however, Amsterdam is worth the effort. Amsterdam is the biggest city in the Netherlands and it’s the country’s cultural centre. The population counts more than 800,000 inhabitants and many of them are expats who moved there for a longer stay. There are plenty of things you can do if you move to Amsterdam. It is a city that offers endless possibilities to enjoy your new life there, from various famous museums, to boat rides on the canals or bicycle tours with other young expats. Usually, finding a job can count as a very tiring activity, however, Amsterdam offers a wide range of opportunities for internationals. There are plenty of international companies where you can apply without even being required to speak Dutch, although it is always in your advantage to learn the language.

Those who plan to undertake shipment of their goods to Amsterdam are highly recommended to get in touch with international moving companies who are specialized in shipments to and from Amsterdam. They are familiar with all procedures and restrictions, therefore they can inform you about any details applicable for your move.

Moving to The Hague

No matter whether you decide to remove to the Hague (Den Haag) or to Rotterdam, there are no doubts you will enjoy both cities. The Hague is one of the most attractive cities in the Netherlands, and annually thousands of expats relocate for employment or education purposes. Unlike other countries where it is common for the seat of the government to be in the capital city, in the Netherlands all important political institutions including the Dutch government are located in the Hague. There is much to see and do in the Hague, from art museums, to theatres and shopping streets. Buildings constructed during different historic periods such as baroque and renaissance are adding a special atmosphere to the typical Dutch surroundings. As any other Dutch city, the Hague offers its inhabitants excellent opportunities to cycle with dedicated cycle paths and bicycle lock-ups available in all parts of the city. When it comes to parking your car, there are certain rules you have to comply with such as parking permits and places. Madurodam, Scheveningen (the beach) and the big clean parks are among the most attractive places where you can spend your time with your loved ones. If it is sunny and warm you can hire a boat take a tour around the city.

Moving to Rotterdam

Unlike any other city in the Netherlands, moving to Rotterdam, the second largest city in the country is a totally different experience. Unlike cities like Den Haag, Delft or Amsterdam which are known for their typical Dutch architecture, Rotterdam has been rebuild due to the destroying effect World War II has had on the city. Rotterdam is, therefore, known for its stunning, modern and innovative architecture that is not likely to be seen anywhere else in the country. Moreover, Rotterdam is a city where expats from almost every corner of the world are likely to be seen. There are so many activities expats moving to Rotterdam can undertake that is not even possible to mention all. Music halls, theaters, museums, cinemas are easily on a walking distance no matter where you decide to relocate. In addition, you can find many sports clubs where you can play football, hockey, tennis, do  boxing or undertake other activities. The world’s largest port is also in Rotterdam and while mainly used for economic purposes, expats could use the waterways for plenty of other recreation activities. Due to the international nature of the population of the city, not speaking Dutch will not be a problem since  everyone speaks English. With its stunning architecture, and open and tolerant atmosphere, Rotterdam will certainly not bore you and living in the city will be an unforgettable experience. Oh, did I mention the pancake boat (Pannenkoekboot) where you can enjoy a 75 minutes boat tour eating as many pancakes as you can? Living in this amazing city is definitely worth it.

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