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Voted the most liveable city on the planet for four years in a row in an annual survey held by The Economist Intelligence Unit, it’s hard to think of a reason why would not want to move to Melbourne. In addition, Melbourne is often referred to as Australia’s sporting capital, being home to annual  sports events in Tennis, Cricket, Golf and Formula 1. Inhabitants of Melbourne and Sydney seem to be in a constant struggle over which city is best (an argument that will never be settled – which is why Canberra was made capital of Australia). Many people in Melbourne firmly believe that the attitude of the people in Melbourne  is more easy-going when compared to Sydney and the extremely vibrant café life in the Victorian city may well prove that point. However, visitors are usually quick to learn why this city is dubbed a city of ‘four seasons of one day’; the weather there is as diverse as the population.

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Moving to Melbourne

Melbourne is undoubtedly one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in Australia. Expats moving to Melbourne will certainly not have any struggles finding activities suiting their interests. Anything from music festivals, theatre events and exhibitions to sports events and night life are all to be found in this fascinating city. Over 400 nationalities are represented within the borders of the city, half of the residents were born overseas and there are multiple immigrant communities that have established their own communities in Melbourne. Therefore, the possibilities to fit into the society are great. Moving to Australia’s most cosmopolitan and multicultural centers might be once in a lifetime experience for many internationals.

That said, the costs of living in Melbourne are quite high. One of the world’s most liveable cities has recently ranked as one of the 50 most expensive cities in the world. Expats should not worry about that either because there are plenty of employment opportunities in different sectors as the economy of Australia is strong. Good salaries would certainly make up for the high costs of living. Those who have enough time before their removal to Melbourne would be wise to do their research in regard to the job market beforehand.

Moving to Melbourne for families and kids should not be harder than moving to any other country. It is important to allow yourself some time before the actual removal. Those who opt for shipping their furniture overseas should get in touch with international moving companies specialized in removals to and from Australia. Moreover, make sure to evaluate the options you have in regard to what needs to be shipped and what are the other possibilities other than shipping your furniture. It is important to obtain quotes from international moving companies and to decide about the quality of the service they provide before picking one of them. Shipping furniture to Australia could take quite some time, but many expats still prefer that instead of buying new furnishings. Along with emotional attachment to their belongings, internationals often use this option because it is more affordable, especially when working with international removal companies with good reviews and experience. The secure and efficient arrival of your belongings will entirely depend on the international moving companies you hire, therefore a special attention needs to be paid when finding the most suitable one.

Accommodation in Melbourne

Speaking of accommodation in Melbourne, there are plethora of options one can choose from. Due to the rising immigration the competition for accommodation has increased. Depending on the area types of property could vary in range and standard. Many expats moving to Melbourne soon realise that rental property there is more affordable than in other state capitals such as Darwin and Sydney. Renting property is a common practise for internationals due to the high price tags attached to buying property.

Apartments are still the most affordable rental option for expats which at the same are located in the city center. Houses are more suitable for families but they usually tend to be located far from the city centers. Along with that it is important to decide on the suburb one wish to live in. In this regard, it is often necessary to consider proximity to the city center, as well as public transport connections and amenities such as restaurants, shopping and medical centers. Public transport in Melbourne is known to be very efficient and relatively affordable which could be in one’s advantage , especially when settled in the suburb areas of Melbourne.

Depending on one’s preferences furnished or unfurnished accommodation could be found. Expats usually rent unfurnished ones since they tend to come at more affordable prices. International removal companies that offer reasonable prices for shipping containers to Australia and this increases the number of the internationals who opt for shipping their belongings. Along with that international removal companies offer a wide variety of services such as packing, loading, customs clearance, storage and door to door shipments which enable expats to undertake a hassle- free and an efficient shipment.

Your international removal to Melbourne could be an unexpectedly pleasant experience if you plan and research all important aspects of your move. Melbourne has quite many things to offer even to those who have many expectations and requirements from life.


Save up to 40% on your moving costs
100% free service and no obligations
Save time, it only takes 1 minute
Only qualified and professional movers