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In accordance to GDP, Republic of Singapore is the fifth wealthiest city  in the world. Along with that, it has the fourth largest foreign exchange trading centre in the world where thousands of entrepreneurs move in search of opportunities leading to financial stability . Singapore is one of the three city-states in the world together with Vatican City and Monaco. What other reasons do you need to make your dream come true by moving to this amazingly structured city-state? The city is one of the cleanest and most efficient in whole Asia, therefore needless to say that it is one of the most attractive destinations for expats. Singapore still keeps  its charm from the British colonial days while at the same time it offers a well-developed infrastructure.

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From an economic perspective, over the years Singapore managed to develop into one of the most important finance and trade centres in Asia. The strict laws have given the city a reputation of an authoritarian state, however, these laws are keeping the city clean, safe and well structured. They also ensure the safety of newcomers which attracts more and more expats to Singapore.

If you are new in Singapore, there are certainly quite some things you would like pay attention to. As mentioned before, the rules and regulations in the city are very strict and both residents and foreigners are expected to abide by them. You would probably have never heard that spitting in public or not flushing the toilet water after use are strongly prohibited and failing to align with these regulations could result in heavy fines.

Moving to Singapore

Worldwide, Singapore is regarded as the easiest city in Asia which allows  expats to easily fit into the safe and modern environment. If you have children, you would certainly want them to receive high quality education in a safe environment, then there are no doubts you should have Singapore on your list with countries-to-move-to. You will be surprised to find out that raising children here is easier than in your home country. The crime rates in Singapore are very low and the streets are safe even in the middle of the night. English is the main language used in schools, but usually Singaporeans speak at least one or two other languages. International schools generally follow education systems of countries such as UK, Germany, France or the USA, therefore parents have the possibility to choose the most suitable one for their children. Keep in mind that the demand for these schools is often bigger than the simply and it is wise to enrol your children at least three- four months or even longer before the start of the academic year.

If you decide to move to Singapore, be aware that the living standards are extremely high in some parts of the city. It is also constantly in top ten of the most expensive cities in the world. Property prices are very high, no matter whether we talk about renting or buying a house. Heavy taxes are imposed on alcohol and vehicles which means maintaining a social life and owning a personal car can be challenging for some of the expats.

That being said, there is usually something for everyone’s budget in Singapore. Whether you arrive to the city on a expat package or without having a stable job arranged, you can certainly attain a good quality of life depending on your lifestyle choices. A good way to cut costs upon arrival could be letting international removal companies ship your furniture to Singapore. It is an easy and affordable process. Instead of spending money on new furniture one can still use the shipped personal items and feel at home.

Expatriates who are planning on moving to Singapore without a job are recommended to apply to different companies quite some time before their arrival. Since most of the Singaporeans are well educated it is often the case for expats to encounter difficulties when looking for a job. If you have the right skills needed for specific positions, however, you will probably have advantage over other candidates. English is one of the four official languages that is widely spoken and used for business and trade. Mandarin Chinese, Malay and Tamil are the rest of the official languages that are used from locals.

One important point to note is that, unlike other countries,  foreign spouses are not allowed to work in Singapore without having their own valid employment pass.

Speaking of lifestyle, foreigners relocating to Singapore, will be amazed by the entertainment activities’ availability. From shopping malls with expensive designer stores,  theatres, restaurants many green parks for jogging and riding bikes to a rich nightlife with many bars and entertainment places, Singapore is a city that will keep everyone occupied.

Accommodation in Singapore

The decision whether to buy or rent a house in Singapore can, at times, be difficult. Renting a house offers  flexibility to relocate to a different location provided you are not satisfied with the neighbourhood, the property itself or anything else. Therefore, many foreigners tend to first rent their homes, evaluate buying alternatives during their stay and then buy a suitable property that meets their requirements.

In contrast to renting, buying requires commitment and more time considering the environment you want to live in. If the house is being financed with a loan, penalties for early repayment can occur. A housing purchase means a major financial commitment. If you decide to sell it afterwards you will have to pay special attention to ensure it is a good deal worth the investment.

Relocating to a new country is usually not only a stressing but also time-consuming  process. To ensure your move to Singapore goes smooth, proper planning, motivation and a bit of patience are what you will need. After all, moving to an amazing  city as Singapore can be one of the best decision you have ever taken in your life and there are no doubts you will enjoy your stay there.

Foreigners moving to Singapore might be surprised to find out that housing standards are quite high and there is also a wide range of accommodation available. Prices can vary in accordance to the size, the area as well as the proximity of the property to public transport and schools.

The housing market in Singapore is divided into two  sectors- public and private. Contrary to what one might think, public accommodation has nothing to do with low income. Among the government-owned housing options expats may find different types of fairly affordable accommodation as well as super expensive options.

Many expats moving to Singapore still prefer the private accommodation alternatives such as apartments or condominiums. Those who are relocating to Singapore for work purposes often have their rental costs covered by the employer or they settle in apartments that are arranged from the employers, but are responsible for the rent.  While generally known for its expensive accommodation, expats who aim to cut costs could also consider renting properties in the suburban areas of Singapore, where the rental prices are slightly cheaper.

Interesting fact about Singapore is that 10 years old buildings usually tend to be removed and rebuild and equipped with modern facilities. Unlike other places where you would be aiming to rent newer properties, in Singapore it could be difficult if you prefer living in old buildings since they can be hardly seen in the surrounding areas.

Foreigners moving to Singapore are highly advised to use the services of experienced real estate agents who will make house hunting an easy process for you.  In order to find a trustworthy agents you might want to ask other expats who have experience with real estate agents. It is crucial to make an informed decision on where you want to rent a property, therefore you might want to get to know the areas better and then decide where to pursue an accommodation. Generally, if you work with a reliable real estate agent, you should not have many difficulties to find a suitable space that will satisfy your accommodation needs.

Since monthly rents increase at renewal, most expats change properties every year or two depending on their rental agreement. It is important to note that landlords usually require guarantor to make sure tenants will pay the rent.

Excellent healthcare and education system, many professional growth opportunities in a multicultural environment are only some of the few attractive aspects of live that are awaiting expats once relocated to one of the most fascinating places around the globe-  Singapore.

Shipping Furniture to Singapore

Shipping furniture to Singapore is not a complex process. It has relatively liberal policies for an Asian country therefore many expats opt for shipping most or all their belongings even if they are moving for two years. International removal companies usually offer affordable prices and services such as packing, loading, customs clearance and off- loading. Family- sized accommodation in Singapore usually comes unfurnished this is why most foreigners prefer having their furniture shipped. International removal companies can provide more information on how the process is done and what the requirements are. It is advisable to contact multiple international removal companies and compare their services and prices. Along with that, keep in mind that shipment of the goods could take some time and until you receive your own furniture renting furniture for a certain period is common practise for expats. To receive more information you can contact international removal companies that are experienced in removal to and from Singapore. According to many foreigners who already moved to Singapore, it has been more feasible to ship their furniture instead of purchasing it in Singapore.

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