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After Abu Dhabi, Dubai is the second largest state  in the United Arab Emirates. It  is known for its super luxurious buildings and extremely high standards of living. Situated on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, the city is one of the  most developed and sophisticated cities in the world.

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Moving to Dubai

Along with the luxury lifestyle offerings for its visitors, the city is one of the safest in the world, which makes expats moving to Dubai to  feel safe and comfortable. Expats moving to the emirate are offered many wealth  opportunities, often as part of employment packages from well-known international companies. Moreover,  residents of  Dubai are not supposed to pay any personal income tax, unlike in other cities around the world. Unless you are not owning  an oil company or a foreign bank, in which cases you will have to pay 20% income tax, you as an employee in Dubai are not obliged to pay tax on your income. You are, however, required to pay municipality taxes.

Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world. From a small economy  with just one tall building in 1991, the city transformed to become one of the richest and most developed in the world with more than 400 high rises . And it is still growing like crazy. With its never ending development of over-the-top-projects,  this astonishing  cosmopolitan city in the Middle East has the attention of the whole world.

An interesting fact  is that foreigners are accountable for most of the population of Dubai (approximately 85 percent). Along with that, contrary to what many people might think, the main source of revenue in Dubai is not oil, but tourism and construction. Annually,  over 11 million people visit this beautiful and breath-taking city, which has a lot to offer, from luxurious modern buildings, to grandiose shopping centres and activity alternatives.

Many of the world’s tallest and biggest structures are located in Dubai such as tallest building, biggest mall, second largest man-made marina and many more. For these and many other reasons is this city attracting  more and more tourists every year. But also foreigners who decide to relocate to the city will be surprised by the job opportunities the city offers if they have the education and skills needed.

Accommodation in Dubai

Contrary to other countries in the Middle East, expats moving to Dubai are allowed to both buy and own the land the property is built on. It is important, however, to comply with the laws in this city known for its very strict laws part of the religion.

As for  accommodation alternatives, as one can imagine, there are plethora of opportunities and expats moving to Dubai should not bother looking for a place in advance. Generally, living in Dubai could prove to be very expensive  as accommodation prices are very high and they add up for the costs of living. Even though  many expats prefer to live in luxurious Middle Eastern villas with pools and extra luxurious facilities one can think of, newcomers are advised to think twice before securing an accommodation in the city since the agreements are signed on a year-basis and rent is supposed to be paid for the whole year in advance.

A common practice for expats is to move into properties that are arranged for them by their employers. If this is the case for you, then house hunting will certainly not be something you need to worry about. Usually expats settling in those properties are satisfied, but the ones willing to select their homes themselves, do have this option as well.

It is advantageous to keep in mind that depending on the area you settle in,  there might be things you have to know. In this relation, talking to other expats about their experiences is a big  plus. The proximity of the property you want to rent or buy,  to work, schools ( if needed),  shops and restaurants is very important since the traffic in Dubai is a nightmare. Noise might also be very disturbing in some areas that are still under construction.

There are different types of property available in the city from furnished apartments to unfurnished duplexes and luxurious free-standing villas. The prices are varying in regard to the offering and the areas properties are located.

Using the services of real estate agents when looking for a property might prove to be worthwhile, especially  if you are not willing to spend a lot of time searching for a suitable accommodation. To avoid unpleasant experiences, it is crucial to work with agents registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.

Foreigners who want to enjoy the luxury of living in a villa in Dubai and cut costs at the same time might opt for house-sharing ,which enables them to divide the rent between the tenants. However, many of the landlords do not allow this practice  anymore by adding clauses in the lease agreements which prevent tenants from sharing or subletting the property.

Whether you buy or rent a property in Dubai, as a foreigner you will be required to have a residence permit. Upon signing the lease contract, newcomers are expected to provide a copy of their residence permit, proof of income from an employer and copy of a passport.

Rental contracts are usually signed on one-year basis and tenants will be expected to pay the entire year of rent upfront. In some special cases or after a good negotiation with the landlord, he might also agree to accept four post-dated check payments. Generally, single cheque payments are the most common and preferred option landlords prefer. In addition, landlords might also demand a security deposit. Moreover, do keep in mind to carefully check all clauses on the contract regarding the utilities included, the conditions the security deposit is returned and others. Usually, tenants are held responsible for their utility bills and additional maintenance charges, if applicable.

Dubai is a one of the most luxurious and fascinating cities in the world. Once relocated to  this city, most expats will certainly enjoy many of the entertainment opportunities while living the life of their dreams.


Save up to 40% on your moving costs
100% free service and no obligations
Save time, it only takes 1 minute
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