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In an annual expat survey conducted by HSBC and filled out by roughly 10,000 expats all over the world, Switzerland emerged as the number 1 expat destination worldwide. Expats who move to Switzerland experienced that their increased salaries do make up for the high cost of living in the country. The chunk of expats that were classified as top earners in Switzerland is much larger than in the rest of the world. Typically, the Swiss government only grants expats a residence permit if they have an employment contract. Moreover, quotas exists in the various cantons to limit the number of people moving there. In Switzerland, many attribute the country’s high quality of living to the country’s strict immigration policies and political autonomy. The privileged expats who are moving to Switzerland to work there marvel at the country’s astonishing landscape, litter-free streets and excellent healthcare facilities.

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Moving to Switzerland

Expats relocating to Switzerland will encounter fierce competition on the rental market – only a minority  of Swiss people own their house. Rents are fairly high as well so the conditions for apartment hunting in Switzerland aren’t ideal. Therefore, it is advised that expats prepare their search for accommodation well before their move to Switzerland, by investigating the different housing options and the associated costs in the area they’re looking to move to. One’s employer may also be able to assist in finding accommodation. Many expats spend some time in a hostel or guesthouse before their actual removal to Switzerland, while they search for a suitable place to live.

Apartment blocks are the most common type of accommodation in Switzerland. However, it’s very rare to find furnished apartments for rent. Tenants in Switzerland are commonly expected to furnish the place themselves. Because of the high rent prices it’s not hard to find people to share a house with, especially in Basel, Geneva and Zurich where prices peak. Classifieds, both printed and online, are a good place to start.  It’s pretty easy for landlords to find tenants in Switzerland, but they often use agents. Agent commissions are payable by the tenants Because of the housing shortage in the country, there are always plenty of potential tenants. Therefore landlords may be very selective when choosing who will occupy their property, which means that references from previous landlords and evidence of financial stability will definitely work to your advantage. Security deposits that equal as much as three months’ rent are not uncommon. Also, expats moving to Switzerland should take into account that they are usually held responsible for arranging their own gas water and electricity when they rent a house. Garbage disposal is also heavily regulated in Switzerland – not adhering to the rules may even result in fines.

Foreigners looking to buy a house in Switzerland may be limited in their options – depending on the type of property and its location. These restrictions are defined in the residence permits granted to foreign nationals. The stability of the Swiss house market has led to greater demand and consequently a price increase. As the country continues to attract many immigrants, it’s unlikely that average house price in Switzerland will cease to increase anytime soon, even though prices are actually decreasing in some areas. Switzerland’s canton have a high degree of legislative autonomy, which accounts for some of these local differences.

Shipping Furniture to Switzerland

Shipping Furniture to Switzerland shouldn’t be too hard. But, in addition to an inventory list a number of additional documents should be supplied even by EU citizens. It’s always wise to keep multiple copies of one’s residence permit, employment contract and even rental agreements around for such occasions. Hiring experienced international removal companies to undertake your removal to Switzerland would certainly help in cases where timely arrival of your goods is crucial. Moreover, international removal companies contacted need to have at least a few years of experience in international removals to Switzerland.

Depending on the volume and destination of shipment prices and services international removal companies provide you with could be different. That is because international moving companies have their own policies and business ethics. One should, therefore, certainly opt for comparing multiple international moving companies. Do keep in mind that price is not always the most important aspect of international removals. Safe and efficient shipment is what would really matter. The right international moving companies could certainly help you both for shipping furniture as well as smaller baggages.


Moving to Zurich

Zurich can be considered to be the heart of Switzerland’s thriving economy. The largest Swiss banks and financial institutions can be found in this city, situated in the middle of the landlocked country. Zurich ranks very high in terms of quality of life (often best of Europe and usually among the very top of the world), despite it being one of the less expensive cities in Switzerland. Naturally, this makes the city a major tourist destination that’s very well-connected to neighbouring cities both in- and outside the Swiss borders. People moving to Zurich will find the largest city in Switzerland to be clean, diverse, multilingual and absolutely gorgeous. There are plenty of museums, shops, festivals and clubs to entertain people of all tastes. Not the mention the various stunning nature sights that surrounds this lakeside beauty.

Those moving to Zurich may soon realise that the city offers high standards of living. Moving in family- sized accommodation may often mean that you need furniture to be able to move in. These come unfurnished. That is why most expats opt for shipping their furniture to Zurich. It is a cost- effective way to start your new life in Zurich. If international removal companies contacted, they can provide all kinds of removal services such as packing, loading or helping with calculating the goods and custom clearance. For further detailed information on specific moving needs, one should get in touch with multiple international removal companies. Usually their prices could differ and you should choose the most suitable one for your international removal.

Moving to Geneva

Geneva is often advertised as the most international city in Europe. And rightly so, with over 40% of its inhabitants being non-Swiss and the fact that this city has been used as a forum for diplomacy and the creation of international treaties for peace-keeping and cooperation. The presence of organizations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the International Red Cross makes English a very common language in this city, despite French being the official language. Many  expats moving to Geneva, Switzerland’s second-largest city, enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and a very high quality of life (also one of the highest in Europa). Euros are generally accepted, there are plenty of international schools (but apply quickly because demand is high) and the city offers plenty of splendid outdoor activities in any season. Many expats working for international companies in Geneva reside in towns in nearby France, to save money on their cost of living.

Save up to 40% on your moving costs
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