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Popular with its picture-perfect beaches, exotic rainforests and carnivals, Brazil is one of the countries that attract expats from all over the world. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world by landmass and the sixth largest by population.

The country is usually referred to as an economic powerhouse which  may be surprising for many foreigners. Sectors such as agriculture, mining and manufacturing are among the rapidly developing ones and they help the country to ensure its position as a resource-rich economy.

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Moving to Brazil

International removal to Brazil, especially if you need your furtniture or part of your personal belongings to be shipped overseas, requires a proper planning and a certain level of patience. First of all, it is important to decide on the goods to be shipped and their volume. Those who encounter difficulties calculating the volume can hire international movers to provide assistance in the process. Selecting suitable international movers is often quite challenging. The main objective when shipping container to Brazil should be receiving the goods in a good condition and as secure as possible. Therefore, it is recommended to get in touch with international moving companies that specialize in shipping containers to and from Brazil. International removal companies which solely focus on removals to Brazil are confident in their services and aim to satisfy the needs of their customers. Their experience in international removals will undoubtedly be very advantageous to ensure an efficient shipment of your goods.

That said, do keep in mind that not comparing international removal companies may bring unpleasant suprises such as extremely high costs, a lot of hassle and problems with customs clearance. To that you can also add the time you spend to pack, to load and to receive the goods to your new home. Many internationals have bad experiences with international movers that are not qualified, meaning they are not part of any moving associations. To select reliable international movers, you are highly recommended to contact multiple international moving companies with good reviews and references.

Foreigners moving to Brazil will be amazed by the view of seemingly endless coasline. It has the longest continuous coastline in the world. Sixty percent of the Amazon rainforest lies in Brazil. It produces one third of earth’s oxygen. Once relocated to Brazil, foreigners could find heavenly beautiful places where they can enjoy the sun, the beaches and the crystal clear water.

That being said, there are still high crime rates Brazil is battling with. Although it is regarded as a young democracy, there are still many problems cause by the income inequality among Brazilians. The differences on the income rates contribute to a large extent for the growth of slum areas and high rates of violent crimes.

Due to the large size of the country, the easiest way of transport is by plane. Interesting to point out is that Brazil has the highest number of airplanes in the world, second only to the U.S. An option for expats planning on moving to rural areas in Brazil, is using a personal car, although the public transport is well-maintained and well-structured. There are long-distance buses, trains, boats and metros available for everyday usage.

Portuguese is the official language in Brazil and expats are highly recommended to learn the language if they are planning a long- term stay or opening a business in the country. There are a number of international schools in Brazil where students are taught in English. They serve the needs of the expat population residing in the country.

Accommodation in Brazil

Finding a suitable accommodation is not something internationals moving to Brazil would have to worry about. Expats could easily find any type of accommodation they want: houses, apartments, condominiums or gated communities are some of the choices for expats renting accommodation.

Usually newcomers  tend to move to big cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. They often live in apartments or in gated communities since the latter offers security and many facilities to ensure a comfortable life for expats.

Not speaking Portuguese could be a problem when looking for property in Brazil, especially if you are not planning to use the services of an experienced real estate agent. Therefore, expats are advised to ask friends or colleagues who speak the language to assists them in the process. If you do not know anyone in the country yet, you might want to look for English- speaking real estate agents or obtain the services of a professional translator.

Most of the rental properties in Brazil are unfurnished, and renting an unfurnished apartment could mean that tenants will get a house with no light fittings or any kitchen appliances. The ones who are willing to rent a furnished property at a higher price, might want to contact a reputable real estate agent in the region they want to settle in. Usually tenants opt for shipping furniture to Brazil. Depending on the volume of the goods, a container with different sizes might be needed. Shipping container overseas or abroad that contains your furniture is usually more affordable than buying new furniture. It also helps to feel at home when using the furniture you have emotional attachment to. International removal companies could offer multiple quotes depending on the services you want to use i.e. packing, loading and unloading. Do make sure to take an informed decision when picking international moving companies which suit your interests best. It will ease the process of moving multiple times.

To be eligible to rent property in Brazil, foreigners are required to have a Brazilian Identity Card (Cadastro de Pessoas Fisicas). It is the same as a residence permit and the procedure of obtaining it could take a few months. Expats who have all the necessary documents are able to rent property. Generally, lease agreements are signed on two or three year basis. If the period is too long for you, you are advised to negotiate your situation with the landlord before signing the contract. Brazilian landlords are usually open to negotiations which is a great advantage for newcomers.

Property prices are generally quite expensive in Brazil. No matter whether you buy or rent a house, you will be held responsible for all utility bills, as well as property taxes.

Because the size of the country, it is crucial to pay a special attention to the proximity of the property you are willing to rent to work and schools, since  traffic jams can be very heavy, creating unpleasant situations.

Moving to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the most attractive expat destination in Brazil. Every year millions of tourists are moving to Rio to enjoy their time on the beaches or to simply attend the Rio Carnival. The festivals held in Rio de Janeiro are so glamorous that many tourists undertake a trip to Brazil only to take part in these significant joyful events.

Along with the entertainment opportunities, expats are moving to Rio de Janeiro because it is an important commercial city in Brazil. It is the second largest economy in the country after Sao Paolo and offers expats many employment opportunities. Textile, pharmaceutics, oil industry, media and communications are the sectors that contribute to the economic development of country. This development attracts many foreigners aiming to work in some of the major industries. However, it is wise to keep in mind that competition for employment in Rio de Janeiro is very high. It is commonplace for foreigners moving to Rio to be transferred to the city from the employer they have been working for in a different country. Shortly said, they relocate as part of an employment package. If this is the case, you might need an international removal company that specializes in shipping container or furniture to Brazil. Even if you are familiar with the processes concerning the shipment of your goods, usually you do not have the chance to compare the services and prices of international moving companies, therefore it is recommended to use online platforms which make that possible.

Despite the fact that Rio is one of the business centres of Brazil, it offers a more relaxed lifestyle than Sao Paolo or Brasilia. As in other cities in Brazil, the extremes of poverty and wealth are very visible. Half of the population in Rio lives in favelas or in slums. One major issue is the crime rate in the city, especially in the poor areas where slums are located.

Generally, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful destinations for your relocation. Those concerned about safety, knowing about the high crime rates should note that local authorities are working hard to deal with the issue. The situation is getting better every single day.

Once you experience the beauty of  Rio, do not be surprised if you stay there longer than you have been planning to.

Save up to 40% on your moving costs
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