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Packing Tips

Take a look at our helpful packing hints so you and your family can pack your belongings safely.

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It is wise to pack each of your belongings by room. Give your new house numbers and label these boxes and items according to the numbers you assign. This will not only help keep your things organized but it will also help you in unpacking your possessions. If you wish you can make a list with extensive details of contents in each box. Of course this will take time, but will eventually make searching for your things easier.


If possible, use the original boxes for appliances. Fill the boxes with packing paper, newspapers or blankets. Remember to not pack sharp objects with vulnerable objects. Make sure the washing machine is detached and empty.

Your refrigerator needs to be defrosted by the morning of your move and transported in an upright position. The night before the move, set your freezer to its highest level and insulate it with blankets. It is wise to keep the blankets there for the remainder of your move.

Fragile Belongings

Packing crockery requires extra attention. Your mover should have special packing paper to protect your precious dinnerware. It is essential that you wrap every breakable item. If you can pack these delicate items with your linens you will save space and time. Mark these boxes with ‘careful, fragile, glassware’.

Heavier materials, like plates should be packed on the bottom of the box. Put extremely fragile glass objects, like wineglasses and bottles, upright in the boxes. Keep flammable and dangerous substances apart.

Heavy Items

It is not advisable to pack many small, but heavy goods together in one box. Boxes will otherwise get too heavy; use small boxes for heavy items instead. This makes moving easier and decreases the risk of damage.

Pack books at the bottom of the box and put lighter items on top to fill it. Books need to be packed lying down to avoid damage to their backs.

Clothing and Rugs

Clothing can be hung in special wardrobe boxes. This is the best way of preventing creases. Do not fold your rugs, but roll them to avoid damage.

Other Important Items

Keys will be lost if put inside boxes. Make sure to keep keys, pasports, money and checks in your carry-on luggage. The same goes for expensive jewelry and important documents. Pack useful items, such as tools, last so you can get to them easily for unpacking.

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