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International Moving

Transport by ship or plane
If you are planning an international move, it means that your belongings will be loaded by a mover in the country of origin and unloaded by a mover in the country of destination. The most essential detail for this international move, is for the mover in your country of origin to have reliable partners in the country of your destination. Usually, your goods will be transported by ship or plane. Only when the two countries are closer together, the mover might choose for moving by road.

Specialized and certified international movers that are registered and have been in business for at least 8 years are key qualifications in finding the perfect company. They have the knowledge and experience working with the container carriers, customs, and trustworthy local movers in the destination country. They are specially trained, multilingual employees who track your belongings from beginning to end.

Your household goods need to be packed safely and securely in order to prevent damages caused by the transportation. Prior to the move, it might be a smart financial move to clean out your home. De-cluttering can save you loads of time and money. Small goods will be packed in boxes, while clothing can be stored in special ‘wardrobe boxes’. It is also your choice, and most common, for the mover to pack valuables or fragile goods, as well as disassembling large pieces of furniture.

The mover will load your household goods on the given date in his van/truck. It is essential in loading your goods that they are stowed properly, so no damage can occur.

If temporary storage is needed, your belongings will be placed inside the premises in a safe and protected environment. Your valuables will be housed in the companies storage units. The company will create a detailed inventory and filing of all your belongings; preventing any mix-ups.

A mover in your country of destination will oversee the process of unloading. This mover is selected and informed by the mover from your country of origin. This mover collects your crates or containers from the harbor or airport and takes care of delivery. Proper paper documentation will be handed over on basis of your inventory lists.

The owner usually does the unpacking of boxes, but the movers will be happy to place all boxes and furniture in the right rooms. They will also take care of reassembly of your furniture.

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Frequently asked questions

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