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Moving Checklist

Expert movers have compiled this checklist. It is a very helpful list to make sure you do not forget anything. You could print this page, and check each box when finished!

After purchasing your new house:

  • Put your old house up for sale and cancel the rent of your old house/garage;
  • Disconnect telephone;
  • Negotiate with new inhabitants on matter of purchase of redundant carpets, drapes, aerials, etc.;
  • Take measurements in your new house (for furniture, refrigerator, gas cooker, drapes, curtains, and sunblinds…;
  • Cancel or change automatic payments;
  • Request free quotes from specialized move companies early. Easily done here;
  • Get your mover to deliver boxes well in advance, so that you can start packing early (see packing tips);
  • Gather information about your new place of residence. (School, work, shops, medical care, rates & taxes, garbage, etc.);
  • Make sure you have the right visa for the country in which you will live;
  • Buy a map of the town so that you can inform family, friends and your move company of the exact location of your new home.

Before moving into your new home:

  • Pay attention to the amount and location of power outlets;
  • Find out about regulations of proprietor of house you are moving into;
  • Find out about the local regulations regarding placement of satellite receivers;
  • Find out about the local garbage collection schedule;
  • Find out if the house is connected to the gas/electricity mains;
  • Find out if the house is connected to a town heating system;
  • If there is a chimney, check to see if it’s swept;
  • Is there a special connection for electrical cooking?
  • Is an elevator/hoisting installation accessible for the movers?

Make sure everybody knows about the upcoming move:

  • Give notice to cleaning lady/chimney sweeper; terminate rent of postbox (mind the keys!);
  • Inform doctors, dentist, specialist, pharmacy, city council, and school;
  • Inform insurance company/companies, banks;
  • Terminate contract with electricity/gas company;
  • Terminate subscriptions;
  • Change addresses in passports and driving licenses.

A few weeks before the move:

  • Make arrangements for daycare of small children and pets;
  • Arrange transfer of keys of old house and new house (extra keys!);
  • Cash in coupons of local shops;
  • Return library books;
  • Clean out house of things you won’t need in new home;
  • Give away/sell what you won’t be taking with you;
  • Disassemble any lamps, curtains and furniture that you wish to take with you.

A couple of days before the move:

  • Clean your new house;
  • Remove wall-to-wall carpeting;
  • Pack everything you will not need on the day of your move;
  • Use last day of garbage collection to dispose of everything you no longer need;
  • Make sure you have cash at hand. (Coffee and pastries are appreciated on moving day);
  • Make sure the parking space around your house is accessible.

The day of the move:

  • Keep a couple of boxes empty to fill at the last moment;
  • Remove last curtains;
  • Keep important items such as keys, money, and medical papers, spare fuses apart;
  • Check every room for forgotten items;
  • Write down current gas/electricity meter readings; disconnect gas and electricity;
  • Drain water pipes in winter (even in the absence of frost);
  • Close windows and doors carefully;
  • Give keys to caretaker or new owner.

In your new house:

  • Mark rooms;
  • Try to put everything in its correct place right away;
  • Check all items for possible damage as soon as they have been unpacked;
  • Do not switch on refrigerator and freezer for 24 hours to allow appliances to settle;
  • Release safety on (tumbler) washing machine.

After the move:

  • Attach nameplate to door;
  • Notify mover of any damage to your household goods;
  • Settle any damage to your house with owner;
  • Notify town council of your arrival and change address in passport and driving license;
  • Pick up key to new post box;
  • Introduce yourself to new school, neighbors, suppliers, etc.;
  • Check if mail is being forwarded.

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