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Saving Tips

saving3Our independent experts give you ten convenient tips, to save on your international move.

  1. Book your move on time
    Your move can be much cheaper if the mover is notified in sufficient amount of time. Then, the mover has enough time to arrange your move and maybe combine it with another. This also allows you to get a deadline and start doing things at your own pace.
  2. Request multiple Quotes
    Select your mover with care and compare prices. Requesting a quote is simple and done easily here.
  3. Pack and unpack as much as you can yourself
    Ask your mover in advance for the special packing material (moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, stickers, bubble wrap, etc.). Then, while packing, you can select what to take and what to leave behind. Starting early is a big help as well; move tends to take more time than you bargain for. (See packing tips). Keep in mind that most moving companies will not insure fragile or valuable goods if you pack them yourself. You should discuss these and other packing terms with your mover before starting off.
  4. Select what to take and what to leave
    Bring only with you what is necessary. After all, everything you do take has to be paid for. Take your time to ‘clean house’ in the process.
  5. Disassemble large articles of furniture yourself
    Large furniture, such as beds and wardrobes, can often not be transported in one piece. Disassembling is often not as hard as you might think. Mark the pieces to make assembling easier. Keep screws, bolts and keys in an envelope and tape this to the inside of the furniture.
  6. Get help
    Make a deal with your mover to help during the move.
  7. Deliver goods to the mover yourself
    Especially when moving only a few items, it is possible to deliver directly to the storage facility of your mover. You can do this by hiring a small van or trailer.
  8. Let suppliers deliver new goods directly to your mover
    When, for example, you purchase furniture at a warehouse for your new house abroad, have them deliver the furniture directly to your mover.
  9. Consider temporary storage at your mover
    It might be in your greatest interest to sell your house before you have a new one to move into. Storing your household goods at your mover for a phased delivery is a big money saver.
  10. Take goods yourself
    You will probably visit your new house regularly before your move. If this can be arranged with the seller, try to take goods with you whenever you go.